Design Process

Designing is a considered and slow process, a thoughtful process of how an item will be both beautiful, as well as practical.  The making takes time, each unique piece, treated with care. Design and marbling inspiration come from nature, music, art and even architecture. 
When a piece is made, it is tested, worn or used in our home, to see how tactile and functional it is, tweaking the design as needed.  I make aprons for durability, wishing them to be handed on for generations to come, so I offer free repairs for life on all of my leather aprons.



I choose supple, strong leather from reputable tanneries in Britain and Italy, which use traditional sustainable processes, that do not harm the environment and know where their hides come from.  The leather is of the highest quality, produced using natural tannins.  Each hide has character and will age beautifully, the patina darkening over time. After tanning, each hide is then dressed and hand-stained by a master currier, using techniques passed down from generation to generation. This leather is sustainable and 100% compostable at the end of its long life.
Using traditional hand tools, heritage crafting techniques, the design produces pieces that are simple, classical, but with a contemporary twist.  Made not for fast fashion, but for longevity, to be cherished and then passed on.  Abstract marbling makes each piece one of a kind, a practical art piece.  I brand all my products, branding ensures the authenticity of British Craftsmanship.
My designs are created as lifestyle pieces for the discerning, eco-conscious consumer.